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Customer Scooters


"Mate I am loving it! I have been stopped by the Lambretta club and asked to join. It is definitely a head turner - cannot count the comments!"

                                                        Michael - Brisbane













"Great scooter, great restoration - love the ride and the comments that it gets!"

                                                                 Steve - NSW


"Loving every second of this Lambretta. The best restoration I (and all of my mates) have ever seen - it is just like a brand new Lambretta! The best decision that I ever made!"

                                                             John -Perth


The following are photos of one of our scooters - now in Perth - that was used for a photo shoot here on the Gold Coast before it left:


Below is the latest addition to our stable - a COSY Sidecar. This is about to be fitted to a SIL GP225cc in black and Yellow and be driven by Jason around Sydney!

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