Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Australian Phone: 1800 886 795

STOP PRESS! - I am now based in Vietnam so I can make sure of the utmost quality of our restorations !!

First. let me say that I am not a motor dealer and only restore and sell Lambrettas as a hobby. I do this so that there are more Lambrettas around for all to see the incredible beauty of them! We are not here to make lots of money - as you will see from out prices when we sell some of our own scooters!

 Like all other aging souls, now thin on top but still remembering the old days of Mods, Motown and Lambretta magic, I have never forgotten my first Lambretta! Mine was one of the now famous Series 3 very rare GT200 in dark blue and white with lots of chrome, mirrors and racks, driven around Nottingham England with the greatest of pride! At the tender age of 16 I fell in love with the Italian style and grace of these wonderful machines, and that passion has stayed with me ever since!

I am now based in Vietnam, operating QUANTUM BUSINESS exporting all sorts of locally manufactured products. The good news for Lambretta lovers is that I am now local to the restoration of these beautiful machines. This means that I can manage the whole restoration process from beginning to end, making sure that the quality often lacking from normal Vietnamese restores, is kept to the maximum! We can now build the perfect scooter for you, down to what colours you want, the amount of chrome etc. I will personally ride your Lambretta for 100kms here to ensure that all, especially the engine, is in perfect running order prior to shipping! So all you now need to do is drop me an email and I will be happy to tell you what is available and the price!

So, was born!

We restore mainly Lambretta LI150 Series 111 Scooters. All of our LI150 Lambrettas are original Vintage Italian scooters Sometimes we find SX and TV Series 111 machines and we can also source Series 11 Lambrettas - and, if you really want, Vespas as well!

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If you already have a a beautiful Lambretta and want to show it off, email us a photo and we will put it in our customer scooters section!




Remember that when we sell one of our scooters, our prices are delivered to your door - not like a lot of others who get YOU to ship inferior, chopped up scooters from Asia and India and leave you with  no warranty, import duties, GST and the hassle of the import procedure and registering the scooter (over $1,800 at least plus all of your time)!