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What happens to our scooters before you proudly own them

Restorations Include:

Complete Strip down of frames to bare metal and any rusted panels replaced. Where necessary, replacement of all Rubber Hoses, Brake Shoes, Front and Rear Shocks, Springs, Seats, tires, Tubes, Cables, Odometer, Locks, Nuts and Bolts, Cylinder, piston, carburettor, gears, 12 volt, bearings, filters, seals, All electrical wiring, electrical parts, rubber parts, runners, leg fender shield trims, floor strips, rims, brake levers etc, basically we tend to keep the frame and engine casing and replace all moving parts inside the engine and external body parts making it look brand new but keeping that original Look!


Unless expressly stated otherwise, all of our LI150 Series 111 and SX200 look-alike Lambrettas are original Vintage Italian scooters or your money back is guaranteed!




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